Kip Brown got his first official seat time behind the wheel of the U-17 Red Dot. Kip will be taking over driving duties from Nate Brown for 2008. More U-17 exhibition photos >>

PHOTO: Jim Simpson

It was a big day of testing and exhibitions for the Unlimiteds. VIEW PHOTOS of the U-17, U-37, U-5, U-7 and vintage Hydroplanes... all on the water today >>

PHOTO: Jim Simpson

Great photo of the U-37 and U-17 side-by-side in the water this weekend... smoke is in the air as the hydros fire up at Tastin' N Racin'.


First photos of the Unlimiteds at Tastin' N Racin' in the Seattle area. This is one of the photos from Jim Simpson. You can see more on the ABRA website. I am out of town right now and can't get to my regular email, but will post plenty of pictures once I can get back on-line (and logged in) on Monday...

In the meantime, go here for photos >>

Jim McKay has died. The veteran ABC sportscaster saw his share of hydroplane racing - along with just about every other sport as host of ABC's Wide World of Sports.

11 Unlimited Hydroplane teams are scheduled for Evansville this year - the largest field at Evansville in 15 years.

Evansville Courier Press: "The Evansville Freedom Festival has lost money four of the previous five years, a trend organizers hope to reverse this year by operating on a tighter budget."

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PHOTO: U-37 at Evansville, 2007