Chris Denslow took this photo of the UL-929 literally on top of the UL-13 after the UL-929 lost steering at Richland, WA this past weekend.

Corrected standings for ULHRA racing after Desert Thunder:

1. UL-72 (Kayleigh Perkins) - 3325
2. UL-15 (Jerry & Greg Hopp) - 3200
3. UL-14 (Paul Becker) - 2700
4. UL-13 (Wil Muncey) - 1319
5. UL-8 (Kip Brown) - 1269
6. UL-11 (Michael Flaherty) - 1225

The corrections were to MY math errors!

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"Competitors Sunday included J. Michael Kelly of Puyallup. Kelly is a regular on the Unlimited Light Hydroplane race circuit, and competes during the Seafair Hydroplane Races on Lake Washington in Seattle." - Kitsap Sun