A number of Unlimited Hydroplane drivers were running Unlimited Lights this past weekend. Kip Brown will be driving the U-17 Miss Red Dot Unlimited Hydroplane this season. Brian Perkins will be driving the U-50 US Navy. Greg Hopp is scheduled to drive the U-100 Mirage Boats.
All three made the finals of Desert Thunder in Richland, WA along the shores of the Columbia River. Hopp won in the UL-15 Graham Trucking GT - Happy Go Lucky.

ABOVE PHOTO: Brian Perkins aboard the UL-8 - PHOTO CREDIT : Chris Denslow

Kayleigh Perkins, UL-72 Miss Boat Electric, before the final race: "It's not fun to have a big target on your back, but if you win enough it's going to happen."

By my unofficial count, Kayleigh Perkins' UL-72 is still in the lead for the National Team Championship for the Unlimited Lights by a 50 point margin after the Desert Thunder races.

Season to date...

1. 3250 points - UL-72 Miss Boat Electric (Kayleigh Perkins)

2. 3200 points - UL15 Graham Trucking GT - Happy Go Lucky (Greg and Jerry Hopp)

3. 2700 points - UL14 Miss Critical Logic (Paul Becker)
PHOTO - Chris Denslow

Desert Thunder Finals:
1. UL15 Greg Hopp
2. UL14 Paul Becker
3. UL72 Kayleigh Perkins
4. UL8 Kip Brown
5. UL40 Brian Perkins

UL Finals at Desert Thunders - lineup:

UL72, UL14, UL15, UL8, UL40 trailer

The new movie "Boats You Never Though You'd See" by Don Mock and David Williams scheduled to premier at the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum on Friday, May 16th has been postponed due to production delays. They are still planning on showing the rarely seen 1950s classic "Mr. Slo Mo." Details >>

Competition on the Columbia River - PHOTOS - Chris Denslow

Not the way you want your day to go at Desert Thunder, 2008. PHOTO - Chris Denslow.