Attempting to cross the Atlantic with a robotic-driven boat... no humans on board! Mark Neal: "This is the first time anybody has attempted to sail across any ocean with an automated boat. The big issue in robotics at the moment is longevity and flexibility in a complicated environment. Something that can survive for two to three months completely unassisted while doing something interesting is a major challenge."

Photo: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends

The latest race video from the Unlimited Hydroplane Racing League for rFactor.

My apologies to anyone that's already voted in the sleeper poll (below), but I screwed it up.

BAD NEWS: I had to re-set the poll below since, as someone pointed out, not everybody was represented. Sorry about that!

GOOD NEWS: You all get to act as super-delegates and can vote for whomever you want now!

There's an interesting discussion on the Hydropage Web Forum about "sleepers" for the 2008 season.

Q: We can safely assume the U-1 (Elam) and U-6 (Oberto) will be two of the top competitors, but is there another team you think can challenge and win a race? Vote here and then head over to Hydropage Web Forum to read the comments or add your own.

Beside the U-1 or U-6, which race team has the best chance to win a race site in 2008?
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VIDEO: Unlimited Lights racing at Firebird. ULHRA has video of Heat 1C, won by Michael Flaherty in the U-11. View by clicking here >>