Hopefully it's just an early season shake-out, but there were 21 DNS (Did not start) or DNF (Did not finish) between the 9 Unlimited Lights at Firebird Raceway.

Congrats to John Lynch and the ULHRA team. Great job on the live streaming coverage this weekend for the Lights in Arizona.

Unlimited Lights Finals at Firebird: Kayleigh Perkins and UL-72 win!

In the finals, Greg Hopp in the UL-15 had the lead when his boat went dead in the water. Perkins moved into first place going into lap two and stayed on the outside. Paul Becker in the UL-14 made a race of it, but Kayleigh was able to hold him off to take the crown for the first race of 2008.


1. Kayleigh Perkins UL-72 Miss Boat Electric
2. Paul Becker UL-14 Compuware presents Miss Critical Logic
DNF. Greg Hopp UL-15 Graham Trucking/Happy Go Lucky


  • UL-72 2000 points Kayleigh Perkins
  • UL-15 1600 points Greg Hopp/Jerry Hopp
  • UL-14 1500 points Paul Becker
  • UL-00 700 points Wil Muncey
  • UL-11 700 points Michael Flaherty

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UL Firebird Results:

4A Kayleigh Perkins, UL-72
4B Greg Hopp, UL-15

Perkins, Hopp & Paul Becker will be in the finals

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