I've been checking airfare to the Unlimited race sites. A month ago, ticket prices were OK. I checked two weeks ago and every ticket had risen by roughly $200. I waited. Then, I went back to check on Monday, and they had risen again. I was frustrated. Finally, today I went to book them and, you guessed it, they'd gone up again.

Some prices were DOUBLE what they were a month ago.

Discount tickets for the San Diego Thunderboat Regatta are now on sale on the Regatta website. If you're planning on attending this summer, buy now and save later.

Detroit Regatta Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 7th at the Oak Ridge Golf Club in New Haven. Info and sign-up sheet >>

Steve David, U-6: "...we raced against teams that spent a lot more than we did, and we kicked their butts." That quote and more on the U-6 in a new Fred Farley article on the ABRA site >>

Also at ABRA: Poster photos from Bill Osbourne of the U-1 Ellstrom Elam Plus, national champs from 2007 >>

"Steve David with the Heisman pose in San Diego 2007"
Photo by Todd Tamayao, U-37