Updated pictures of the U-17 Red Dot from Our Gang Racing. They've finished fairing and priming the hull. View the latest photos >>

U-17 PHOTO AT RIGHT: Russ McElroy (Seafair 2007)

The Evansville Freedom Festival is celebrating 30 years of Thunder on the Ohio. Get a look at the 30th anniversary button and purchase your button packs on-line >>

An unfortunate casualty from Unlimited Lights Spring Training is the loss of the UL-929 for the Phoenix event. Vince "X-Man" Xaudaro and Jim & Karon Wilmot who own the hull are very encouraged by what they've seen so far, however drive line damage that occured at Spring Training couldn't be repaired in time for Phoenix. The 929 team will open the season next month at Richland WA for Desert Thunder II at Howard Amon Park, May 17th & 18th. The 929 hull is the former Thunder Valley UL-21 that launched supercharged engines in the Unlimited Lights series with driver Nick Badolato back in 2001.

Source: John Lynch, ULHRA
Photo: Chris Denslow (Spring Training, 2008)
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U-5/U-7 FormulaBoats.com race team adds new crew members: Bob Allen, Bob Catapovic, John Leschinski, Steve Peterson, Barry Pray.

PHOTO: Walt Ottenad, NW Speed Shots (San Diego 2007)

Interesting food for thought on the ABRA website. What driver has the highest winning percentage of all-time (number of wins/divided by races)? It's Dave Villwock with 55 wins in 111 races (a % of .495).

Nobody else even comes close. That's almost a win every other time he hits the water.

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