Anybody know the story on the attempt to build a hydroplane race course at the August International Raceway? It's billed as the "World's largest public motorsports memorial project."

Evansville, the site of the first stop on the 2008 Unlimited Hydroplane racing tour, seems to have settled down after feeling the effects of a nearby earthquake in the southern Illinois. The quake actually happened while WFIE-TV was on the air. Watch the VIDEO below to see how it played out on TV.

ABRA, KNDO/KNDU-TV and announce partnership to increase video on and for the 2008 season. You'll see video of every heat race from every race site with same-day turnaround.

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From the Ballard News Tribune: Miss Thriftway is reborn >>

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Vintage hydros from Tri-Cities, 2007

From Jim Wilmot: Roostertales episode of Spring training is up on It's a condensation of the day with an interview with Joe Souza about the new UL-39 team from Texas.

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