I posted this video during the season, but someone posted it on You Tube this week, so we get to see it here (again). KOMO-TV followed the U-17 team through the process of building and racing their new boat last year.

HELP WANTED! If you're headed to the Moses Lake Regatta, an APBA Region 10 hydroplane and flatbottom event and YOU'RE TAKING PICTURES, please email a few to HydroInsider and we'll post them to share with everyone. That's all.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Regatta website, Karl Fortner

Great story about Mary O'Brien, mother of U-17 crew member John O'Brien. "Seafair Mom" will be the bull nose sponsor of the Our Gang Racing hydroplane for the full season.


PHOTO: U-17 website

5 Unlimited Lights, 3 Lighter than LIGHTS and 2 vintage boats are scheduled to test on April 17 in Seattle. Kayleigh Perkins will be testing the UL-72 Miss Boat Electric and Vince Xaudaro should have the newly re-furbished UL-929 ready to go (among others).

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ABRA has a new article on Dr. Ken Muscatel and "dramatic" changes to the U-25 to make it faster for 2008. Read more >>