Some links to vintage news:

  • From the Vintage Hydro Discussion Board: "Larry Lauterbach is busy in his shop building a new/replica hydroplane and our spy is hard at work following his progress on this 'mystery' boat. " - Photos >>
  • Jay Marshall and Scott Liddycoat are restoring "Tijuana Taxi" - See photos >>
  • Gary Davidson is restoring "Roman Candle" and looking for help with any historical information you may have about the 266 hydro raced in the 60's & 70's - Details >>

Quick apology to new crew chiefs for the U-5 & U-7 team, Tom Anderson and Billy Allen. I inadvertently got their photos mixed up. Sorry guys!

Read the updated story (with the right photos) and additional info and comments from team manager Mark Hooton >>

You can now order wristbands, pit passes, RV permits, hopsitality tents, and VIP passes to the Madison Regatta on-line >>

A little shameless self-promotion: Regular readers of knew the "on plane" rule change was coming. We reported back in January that it was likely to happen. That's why you should visit this website EVERY DAY!