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For your viewing pleasure, a look back at Steve David and the U-6 spinning out in Madison in 2006, coming dangerously close to a patrol boat.

Update on the situation with the change in the Stan Sayers pits in Seattle. Read Update from Seafair & ABRA >>


Our *daily* paint progress picture of the UL-929 courtesy of Sara Morris' camera phone.

4 weeks till race weekend for the Unlimited Lights! April 25-27 is the earliest season opener in Unlimited Lights history. But what a place to open the season; the same place that Unlimited Lights racing began in 1995; Firebird International Raceway in Chandler AZ, just outside of Phoenix.

Nine to twelve Unlimited Lights teams are expected to compete in the season opener.

The Unlimited Lights National Champion has the option of wearing the UL-1 designation the following season. Co-owner of the UL-72 Joe Frauenheim has announced the team will continue as the 72, so there will not be a UL-1 racing in the 2008 season.

Source: John Lynch, ULHRA.org

Kayleigh Perkins may not be the only woman racing in the Unlimited Lights series in 2008. Elizabeth Wolfe, sister of Marty Wolfe is designated as a backup driver for the UL-93 Desperado.

Source: John Lynch, ULHRA.org

New book alert! From 1959-1961, the Supertest Petroleum Company's unlimited hydroplane boat racing team dominated the world of speedboat racing. In 1934, young Jim Thompson, age seven, attended the Harmsworth Trophy race on the Detroit River with his father, and saw the world famous American race boat driver, Gar Wood, keep the trophy in the hands of the United States.

That day, Thompson announced to his father that he would one day win the Harmsworth Trophy for the British Commonwealth. In 1951, Thompson and his father purchased the Miss Canada racing boats with the hopes of creating a team that would win the trophy for the British Commonwealth after nearly four decades of American dominance.

Eventually, Miss Supertest II set the world water-speed record, and Miss Supertest III won the long-desired Harmsworth Trophy and continued to reign over the sport for the next two summers. By 1961, Miss Supertest III had become the best in the world. After a tragic accident killed Miss Supertest's driver, the race boat was sent to a museum, never to race again.

U-13 Spirit of Detroit has a new major sponsor to announce: Graham Trucking will be the exclusive title sponsor of the U-13 in Tri-Cities and Seattle and be part of the team for the rest of the season. Read more >>