Xaudaro and Wilmot Racing Team to test at Spring Training

In this photo you see the final paint scheme coming together on the Jim & Karon Wilmot owned UL-929 hydroplane that will be driven by Vince “X-Man” Xaudaro. The look is completely different from how this boat has appeared in the past.

This photo shows the current UL-929 when it raced in 2000 at San Diego as the UL-21. The Green & Black UL-23 is the new UL-00 of Muncey Racing. Also in the photo are the current UL-98 (the far white boat, UL-14) and the 2007 UL-83 (the red boat, UL136).

Here is the current UL-929 as it raced at San Diego in 2001 as the first ever supercharged Unlimited Light hydroplane and driven by the now retired Nick Badolato. The boat’s look was basically the same when this hull came out of “mothballs” last season. Now, this entirely new black & red paint scheme will be seen on the water for the first time at ULHRA’s annual Spring Training test session. Spring Training, held in conjunction with the Hydroplane and Race Boat Museum and Seafair will feature hydroplane testing from 11:00am till 2:00pm on Tuesday, April 15th at Stan Sayers Pits on Lake Washington. Several Unlimited Light teams will participate along with a pair of vintage Unlimiteds from the museum fleet in a program sanctioned by ULHRA, Inc.

John Lynch
P.R. Director and “Voice” of ULHRA Racing

The latest refurb photos from the UL-929 camp. Jim Wilmot said: It's all done except for engine cover, wings, and small details. Vince is working on modifying his trailer to fit our boat. Our trailer will be transporting the old 929 when it goes to the Tri-Cities for refurb. The final picture is of Vince and our driver -in-training Vince Jr. AKA "Little X-Man" or "Mini -Me"!