Promo video for the 9th annual Quake on the Lake which will be held at Pontiac Lake, Michigan, July 18th, 19th and 20th - hydroplane racing, wakeboarding, and waterski championships.

Anybody got the inside scoop on this unidentified picture of hydro crew members flying off the docks from Seattle, 2006? If so, please fill the rest of us in by leaving a comment.

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What this heck is Hydro Poker? Looks like an on-line gambling site that ripped off a picture of a certain well-known red hydroplane and put their logo on it instead. Take a look for yourself >>

WARNING: It's a gambling site. No endorsements from me.

Want to party at the 100th Gold Cup? Book your hospitality tent now! Take a look at the locations, choices, and menus here >>

Prices for basic food, tent, etc. start at:

  • $2,750 for 25 people
  • $5,500 for 50 people
  • $10,000 for 100 people

Erick Ellstrom, crew chief of the U-1 Elam, would like to know if fans would like to see 5 lap preliminary and 7 lap final or a different format. Give Erick your feedback by clicking here >>

PHOTO: Timothy Spahr, Detroit 2007