Kirk Duncan has shown us a few pictures of the really high river levels along the Evansville hydroplane course, but the flooding is hitting hard all over southern Indiana. Roads and schools closed, evacuations.

In fact, the bad weather is affecting some 25 states and has left 13 people dead.

PHOTO: NBC Nightly News

From the Madison Came Running website, photos shows the Judges Stand & Bill Cantrell Memorial more in the middle of the river than on the edge. It's raining again in Madison and the river's WAY up already.

The Unlimited Lights certainly are doing some things to make some noise these days and give fans something to talk about. Now, they're doing something to outfit fans as well. The ULHRA website reports they've struck a deal with "Lake Trash" to be the Official Clothing line of Unlimited Lights hydroplane racing.

Update on the new UL-929: The boat is all in primer and the crew is going to build a greenhouse to act as a paint booth so they can do the final paint work themselves.

PHOTO: Graphic representation of the new paint job, info from owner Jim Wilmot

Featured Video on the ULHRA website is a trip to David Warren's G-329 shop. Jim Wilmot says there's details about many construction and boat tuning issues that should interest any hydro fan.

Upcoming features will be interviews with Bo and Patti Darling, Kayleigh Perkins, and J. Craig Fletcher at the display at the Mercer Island half marathon registration day and a complete feature with Rob Graham of Graham Trucking at his Seattle office.

Need another off-season fix? U-17 Our Gang Racing driver Kip Brown will be at the Tacoma Boat Show this weekend. He'll be part of the UL-8 Unlimited Light racing team. Kevin Eacret and Kip are c0-drivers of the UL-8, but Kip is also scheduled to drive the U-17 Unlimited Hydroplane in 2008.

The UL-8 boat will also be on display.

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