What's left of last year's UL-929 hull is up for sale (as is): Includes cockpit, rudder strut, shaft strut, new engine mount plates,and center section. Needs belly pan and 2 sponsons. Trailer not included.

Contact - Vince Xaudaro 425 785-4461

VIDEO from the ULHRA website: What Can a Propeller Do For You?

Update on river levels at Evansville: The area around the pits is completely underwater right now. Kirk Duncan sent these pictures looking to the east, at the other end of the pits. Kirk says you'll notice the concrete decorative balls are no longer visable. The water goes all the way to the wall, covering what would be the pit area----the whole thing!
Flood stage at Evansville is 42 feet. This morning the level was 40.9.

Ron Dennis' McLaren Formula One team was accused of espionage, fined and lost the drivers' title in the final race. "Let's say your specialist passion in life is for American unlimited hydroplanes; over dinner Ron would undoubtedly seek to express more insightful views on the subject than you could..." - The Dublin Independent