Have we got a deal for you: A home for sale on Mercer Island (near Seattle) with a front row view of the Seafair Unlimited Hydroplane races. It's only $34 million dollars. No kidding - the MONTHLY mortgage payments would be $181,000. Take a look >>

The Tempo VII may need a new home. It's part of the exhibit at the Guy Lombardo Museum in Ontario, Canada along with artifacts from Lombardo's music career. Only 400 visitors stopped by the museum last year and it's been closed since September. City leaders are considering closing it permanently.


On the ERCU website, Nelson Holmberg reports a Formulaboats.com unlimited hydroplane display boat sighting in Portland at the Boat Show. Follow the link and then scroll down to the item dated 1/13.

Photo: Nelson Holmberg via camera phone

New edition of the Detroit Regatta newsletter includes an interesting article on The Miss America VIII lawsuit from 1991.

Also, the Detroit Regatta Association is looking for volunteers to help staff displays at various events.

Info on both items >>

Three Unlimited Lights Hydroplanes are for sale: UL-13, UL-58 and what's left of the UL-929. You can get a turn-key race boat, hull and engines for $35,000. Details >>

Photo: ULHRA.org