U-10's David Bryant breaks "Kilo" record...and then some


David Bryant, driver of the U-10 USA Racing Partners unlimited hydroplane set a new world record in the Super Stock class flat bottom race boat at the American Power Boat Association's Centurion Boats presents the 2008 Salton Sea Speedweek in Southern Calif.

Bryant averaged 125.507 mph in the kilo speed trap. The previous record was 122.500 mph.

Bryant was set to attempt a record run in the K class flat bottom but on Friday, just prior to hitting the start, the boat's prop shaft broke causing substantial damage. After working all night on the boat, he attempted another attempt, but "we just didn't have it," he said.
PHOTO: David Bryant, in the shades, at the driver's autograph session in Madison, 2008


Unknown said...

Congrats David! Way to go!