Chip Hanauer speaks out


“I was in love with racing from the first, but I’ll admit car racing was my first love,” says Chip Hanauer. “I was caught up in the romance of it, the international stars. My greatest admiration was for a man like Jim Clark who represented a great personality contrast. Here he was a mild mannered Scottish gentleman, a farmer, yet the master of his craft in an intensely aggressive profession.”

Chip Hanauer will be the keynote speaker at the 2009 BMWCCA - Puget Sound Chapter
Saturday Jan 31 @ Marriot Courtyard DT Bellevue, WA
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SUDS said...

While Chip is certainly the perhaps the second greatest driver in the history of the sport, he has been no friend of Unlimited. He's never paused to take shots at the sport in the media, whether about the choice of powerplants or race sites or sponsors. He has never been part of the solution; always sitting on the sidelines pointing out what's wrong with the sport. As the one time 'heir apparent' to Bill Muncey, he is a disgrace. Muncey was a tireless promoter of the sport, even in down times. He never waivered from his job as the sports' ambassador and used the position to good affect.

Shame on you, Chip.

Hydroguy said...

Uh, actually he DID try rather hard. 10-15 years ago he was very vocal about how the sport needed to change and did a LOT of behind the scenes work to make it happen. I know, because I helped him do some research. But when he tried to actually present his ideas and make things happen, the sport--fans, owners, media, EVERYONE--crapped all over him. No wonder he left jaded. I would too if my own bread and butter treated me like that. So no..not shame on Chip. Shame on YOU. Shame on ME. THAT is what is truly disgraceful.

Oh, and just out of curiosity...what have YOU done for the sport lately?