Join the discussion on the fate of sports sponsorships


There are a couple of poignant comments on the In-Depth story on sports sponsorships on right now. Here are a couple:

Rick O: You have to give ABRA credit for stepping in and trying to make things happen. It's going to take professional management and dollars to keep this sport alive. I worry that the money won't be there no matter how good the economy is. But when it's bad, I just can't see where the money will come from.

Hydrotown: I'm worried about keeping my job and whether my company is going to survive. So are a lot of people. As much as I like the hydros, I would be upset if my company gave $ to sponsor a sporting event. They are talking about layoffs, yet giving money to boat racing? That would make me mad.

Ditto: I agree completely. I'd hate to see hydroplane racing disappear, but I'd hate it more if I was unemployed. It's going to be hard to pull this off and keep hydro racing together, especially the Evansville races. Good luck, ABRA. We're pulling for you!

You can join the debate by clicking this link and going to the story, scrolling down to the bottom and adding your thoughts. Or if you'd prefer, just leave your comments here on the blog.


"D" Area 51 Racing said...

I hope I don't insult anyone during their concern about the company they work for. I just think this may help them understand alittle. I understand that banks that are getting bailouts are not going to sponsor a sporting event if things are tough. Some companies that are sponsors use a advertising or promotions account to sponsor and use that as a writeoff against taxes on there profit margin. If companies have profits and we hope they do,Hydro sponsors are good investment because of exposure and a short race season. Thanks and Happy Holidays from "D" Area 51 Racing

hydro007 said...

I agree "D" with your comments. The company I work for has budgeted and will spend corporate dollars for advertising, regardless. They might as well be spending it to promote Hydro's, right? They need the tax write-off's anyway . . . it's just a matter of anticipating a return on those advertising dollars. The problem is the "bang-for-your-buck" issue. Happy Holidays everyone . . .