Construction continues on Miss Wahoo rebuild

New photos of the 1957 MISS Wahoo Vintage Unlimited Hydroplane rebuild project going on at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum.


Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum Annual Meeting

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum will be holding it's Annual Membership Meeting, Saturday, December 6th at 7:00 PM. Once a year we all gather to share a meal, honor our outstanding members and elect new Board Members and Officers.
This year's dinner will include a special tribute to Roger Newton. We all know how much Roger like a good Barbecue, so in his honor we will be serving a fantastic meal including barbecued ribs and deep-fried turkey!

Because this meal is a bit more expensive and complicated than previous Annual Meeting meals, we would REALLY appreciate a good head count in advance so we will know how many Turkeys to fry. So please RSVP to David Williams at either or at (206) 764-9453 by Monday Dec 1st. Space is limited, so please RSVP soon!

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Bill Muncey's step-son is racing and winning

Roger Norman, who owned and co-drove the overall four-wheel winner in last week's Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, might not be familiar to San Diego race fans. Norman is the son of Fran Muncey and the stepson of the late Unlimited Hydroplane champion Bill Muncey. His race team is also headquartered in San Diego.

Baja 1000 champ Norman has S.D. connections >>

VIDEO: Hydroplanes in Second Life

That on-line simulation called "Second Life" now has hydroplanes!

In case you're wondering what is Second Life? Click here for the answer >>

VIDEO: Boeing U-787 Hydro @ Seafair 2008 2008 Awards

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Here are the categories for 2008:

  • OPEN AWARDS - Make up your own award!

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E.C.Griffiths speed boat action this weekend

The Victorian Speed Boat Club (VSBC) and the Victorian Drag Boat Club (VDBC) clash head on next weekend (November 29-30) when each stages a major event, the 95th running of the legendary E.C.Griffith Cup and the season opener for the ’09 drag boat season. Scheduled for Yarrawonga’s Lake Mulwala, the E.C. Griffith Cup features the Australia versus New Zealand tussle as the mighty hydroplanes go head to head for Trans Tasman ‘bragging rights.’

E.C.Griffiths speed boat action this weekend >>


Elizabeth Wolfe made her Unlimited Light debut this last summer in Chamberlain-Oacoma, South Dakota while driving the UL-93 Desperado, owned by Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association (ULHRA) Series Partner, Dennis Johnson of Trafficade Work Zone Services. Now, she's heading to Australia. ~ READ MORE >>

Join the discussion on the fate of sports sponsorships

There are a couple of poignant comments on the In-Depth story on sports sponsorships on right now. Here are a couple:

Rick O: You have to give ABRA credit for stepping in and trying to make things happen. It's going to take professional management and dollars to keep this sport alive. I worry that the money won't be there no matter how good the economy is. But when it's bad, I just can't see where the money will come from.

Hydrotown: I'm worried about keeping my job and whether my company is going to survive. So are a lot of people. As much as I like the hydros, I would be upset if my company gave $ to sponsor a sporting event. They are talking about layoffs, yet giving money to boat racing? That would make me mad.

Ditto: I agree completely. I'd hate to see hydroplane racing disappear, but I'd hate it more if I was unemployed. It's going to be hard to pull this off and keep hydro racing together, especially the Evansville races. Good luck, ABRA. We're pulling for you!

You can join the debate by clicking this link and going to the story, scrolling down to the bottom and adding your thoughts. Or if you'd prefer, just leave your comments here on the blog.

Evansville race date may move

Instead of a June race date, the 31st running of Thunder on the Ohio, may move to Labor Day weekend.

ABRA steps in to save Unlimited Hydroplane racing in Evansville >>

Growth Alliance of Greater Evansville to take over Freedom Festival planning >>

Sam Cole comments on ABRA and Evansville race

"Today's action is a first step for ABRA. We have always said our first priority is to continue the tradition of the Evansville race. It has not been an easy process, but we see some daylight at the end of the tunnel."

Sam Cole, ABRA Chairman, in a news release

Breaking.... ABRA takes over Evansville race site

ABRA Board of Directors will take physical possession of the docks, buoys, flatbeds and other assets... the Board will take over responsibility for putting on the race and finding sponsors. The race may move later in the year...

Details to follow...

San Diego Bayfair and team on ION Network

From the website: "Mark your calendars for December 18. The Men 7 TV show will feature San Diego Bayfair & the Team. Men 7 TV is seen on the Ion Network & episodes are available for viewing at their website."

EDITOR'S NOTE: View the Men 7 TV website >>

The show's not listed on the Ion Network website, but only their high profile shows are listed... and there's no way to search on their website! Sorry, just venting.

VIDEO: Project Bluebird Update

Progress is being made on restoring the K7 Bluebird hydroplane, which broke the world speed record 7 times.


Bluebird team want to trial restored craft on Coniston >>

High speed Bluebird may return to Coniston >>

VIDEO: Miss Thriftway

Found on you tube... starts a little slow....

Racing in Detroit

An American automobile company and a Japanese auto company decided to have a competitive boat race on the Detroit River.

Both teams practiced hard and long to reach their peak performance. On the big day, they were as ready as they could be.The Japanese team won by a mile.Afterwards, the American team became discouraged by the loss and their morale sagged.

Corporate management decided that the reason for the crushing defeat had to be found. A Continuous Measurable Improvement Team of "Executives" was set up to investigate the problem and to recommend appropriate corrective action. Their conclusion: The problem was that the Japanese team had 8 people rowing and 1 person steering, whereas the American team had 1 person rowing and 8 people steering.

The American Corporate Steering Committee immediately hired a consulting firm to do a study on the management structure.After some time and billions of dollars, the consulting firm concluded that "too many people were steering and not enough rowing."

To prevent losing to the Japanese again next year, the management structure was changed to "4 Steering Managers, 3 Area Steering Managers, and 1 Staff Steering Manager" and a new performance system for the person rowing the boat to give more incentive to work harder and become a six sigma performer. "We must give him empowerment and enrichment."

The next year, the Japanese team won by two miles.

The American Corporation laid off the rower for poor performance, sold all of the paddles, cancelled all capital investments for new equipment, halted development of a new canoe, awarded high performance awards to the consulting firm, and distributed the money saved as bonuses to the senior executives.

Author Unknown

More Christmas Gift Ideas

By popular demand.... keep your gift ideas for hydro fans coming!

Evansville Hydroplane Races fate may be determined soon

One way or another, Ken Muscatel thinks Thunder on the Ohio's fate might be determined by the end of this week....... Jay Rathman, president of J. Rathman Sports LLC, a sports marketing agency in Las Vegas, last week bowed out of the running to save Thunder. "The powers that be frankly don't care if there's boat racing in Evansville," Rathman said.

Thunder on the Ohio's fate may be determined by week's end >>

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for U-6 fans

What else would make for good product endorsement products?

Sell insurance or drive hydroplanes?

Reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago with Chip Hanauer, who said he was always reluctant to tell people he met on the street what he did for a living. If he told them "unlimited hydroplane driver" he knew he'd be peppered with questions. So he would say, "I'm an insurance salesman," knowing that likely would end the conversation.

One player's choice for manager: Chip Hale >>

Help needed...

Who knows the story behind this picture?

VIDEO: Chip Hanauer... in the slow lane

After retiring, hydro legend Chip Hanauer got reacquainted with an old flame.

Wolfe to prowl on water at EC Griffith Cup

"The campaign to hold the EC Griffith Cup on Lake Mulwala received a further boost with the news that high profile US driver Eliabeth Wolfe will attend. The coup was organized by her good friend and great supporter of the Lake Mulwala Power event previous World Champion, Grant Harrison. 'Elizabeth is a highly respected,aggressive hydroplane driver who likes not only to win, but to go out and have fun while doing it,' Grant said."



Elizabeth Wolfe made her Unlimited Light debut this last summer in Chamberlain-Oacoma, South Dakota while driving the UL-93 Desperado, owned by Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association (ULHRA) Series Partner, Dennis Johnson of Trafficade Work Zone Services. Now, she's heading to Australia.

PHOTO: Archives

David savoring latest success in U-6

"As soon as I got back home (to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) reality set in and I settled into my other life," said David in a phone interview Monday afternoon. David works in real estate in south Florida."It makes you remember that we're not NASCAR racers," he said. "We're weekend racers, and we have other jobs. When I do get a chance to enjoy it, it's the little things like getting an e-mail from a fan congratulating me."

Steve David, U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison

David savoring latest success in U-6 >>

Ron Jones, Sr., to speak at ERCU Awards Banquet

The Sixth Annual ERCU Awards Banquet is coming up on Saturday, November 8 at the Great American Casino in Tukwila, Wash., and legendary hydroplane builder Ron Jones, Sr., will be ERCU's special guest.

Jones, who designed and built many of the greatest unlimited hydroplanes ever to see the water, will speak at the event, sharing memories, wisdom and advice with the assembly of ERCU members, their families and their invited guests.

Awards, too, will be presented by the ERCU Contest Board recognizing the club's Red Dot Championship Series Top-10 drivers -- including the vintage and modern season champions -- as well as modern and vintage most improved drivers and modern and vintage rookies of the year. Also to be recognized will be the Contest Director of the Year, the Sportsman of the Year, Season Sponsor, Contribution Awards, and recognition of the 2008 ERCU Rookie Class.

Last year, ERCU's special guests were Nate Brown of the Our Gang Racing Team and Dixon Smith and his 1961 Miss Bardahl restoration team -- all of whom were members of the original crew in 1961.

For more informtion about ERCU, please click here to visit our website.

For more information about the 2007 ERCU Awards Banquet, please click here to visit the 2007 ERCU Awards Banquet page.

Dubai ruler behind hydro race also invests in horse racing

The ruler of Dubai that's working with Erick Ellstrom on putting on a hydroplane race, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, has apprently spent $3 million dollars to buy a racehorse... to put out to stud.

Dubai ruler pays $3 million for Hystericalady >>

VIDEO: World GP Hydroplane speed run

Mike Southward world grand prix hydroplane speed run 179mph / 288kph

Largest hydroplane display in history...!

...up to 45 vintage and new hydroplanes from the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent, the largest hydroplane display ever seen in the history of the sport, according to organizers.

Tacoma Dome to host historic motor sports event >>


VIDEO: Steve David: "Racing is the fans"

MADISON COURIER: "U-16 Miss Elam Plus team... may pull out as well."

Normally, we don't pass along rumors... but when they're published in the newspaper, we figure you can look at them and make up your own mind. In the article in the Madison Courier about the U-37 team for sale was this tidbit:

The changes within the U-37 Schumacher Racing Team is the first of what could be a rough off-season for the American Boat Racing Association fleet. The status of the U-10 USA Racing Partners is still up in the air after the death of co-owner Kim Gregory and unconfirmed rumors have speculated that the U-16 Miss Elam Plus team - which skipped four of the six races this season - may pull out as well.

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My emails to the Elam team have gone unanswered so far...

Hydroplane Crash Survivor

Mark Workentine, the pilot in a speed boat that disintegrated at 180 miles per hour during a test run, escaped unharmed as seen in this incredible video. He talks to Harry Smith about his experience on the CBS Morning News.

2,000th Post

Hard to believe... but there have been more than 2,000 posts to the Live Blog!