Port Angeles ULHRA racing Update


Sunday weather is much better at Port Angeles and racing is underway.

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Saturday's Results

Beautiful... is the the way that one could describe the morning... Sun peeking through the clouds and nothing but hearts racing and the sound of feet scrambling to prepare for the Victoria Express presents Strait Thunder.

With reports flooding in of a potential storm, the start of racing was moved up. The drivers and crew members worked as fast as they could, but just didn't seem to be enough. Mother nature was it's uncooperative self today.

The Lighter than Lights (LTL) class was able to complete 2 heats with Joe Perkins in the Y-28 Perkins Glass taking 1st place in the 4 cylinder LTL class and Kevin Eacret in the E-36 Block Head Machine taking 1st place in the 8 cylinder LTL class.

Activity was called prior to the start of Unlimited Lights heat 1A due to severe ground swells and increasing winds, making Port Angeles Harbor unraceable. During the warm up period, drivers Greg Hopp in UL-15, Wil Muncey in UL-00, Kip Brown in UL-8 and Vince Xaudaro in UL-929 all signaled to officials that conditions on the course were treacherous.

Officials then issued a 'black flag' signaling that all boats were to return to the pits. As the afternoon progressed, conditions only worsened. 3 boats were able to test briefly late in the afternoon though conditions remained questionable.


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