Greg Hopp & UL-72 win ULHRA Championship


ULHRA @ Port Angeles - Finals

  1. Greg Hopp
    UL-1 Graham Trucking G.T. Happy Go Lucky
  2. Kayleigh Perkins
    UL-72 Miss Boat Electric
  3. Kip Brown
    UL-8 Sterling's Famous Steaks & Seafood
  4. Michael Flaherty
    UL-11 presents ROXY 94.5 - Power Punch Performance Lubricants
  5. Vince Xaudaro
    UL-929 Xaudaro-Wilmot Racing
  6. Wil Muncey [ ONE LAP PENALTY ]
    UL-00 Trafficade Safety Sales presented by Warning

Heat 1A

  1. Greg Hopp UL-15
  2. Wil Muncey UL-00
  3. Chris Grant UL-3

    DNS. Vince Xaudaro UL-929

Heat 1B

  1. Kayleigh Perkins UL-72
  2. Michael Flaherty UL-11
  3. Kip Brown UL-8

Heat 2A

  1. Greg Hopp UL-15
  2. Michael Flaherty UL-11
  3. Kayleigh Perkins UL-72

    DNS. Kip Brown UL-8

Heat 2B

  1. Wil Muncey UL-00
  2. Chris Grant UL

    DNF. Vince Xaudaro UL-929


"D" Area 51 Racing said...

Congrats G Hopp and K Perkins, maybe next season I will see you here at S.D like the 07 season!
I whope to follow you more closely next season on the web and at the unlimited races. "D" Area 51 Racing