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National Champ returns home

The Madison Courier has a photo of the new U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto returning home to Madison.

Spectators at the Madison Courier Invitational Cross Country meet at Hanover College got an up close look at the new World Champion U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison as the boat rolled through Hanover enroute to Madison on Saturday, September 27 completing its cross country trip from San Diego. (Staff photo by Mark Campbell)

View Photo >>

Lake Chelan reservoir is dying

For those who attended the GP Championship races this past weekend at Chelan in Washington State, I thought you might be interested in reading this article...


An editorial comment

"I am thoroughly disgusted at some of our officials, but I am more fed up with the bloggers on the Internet accusing us of robbing the Beacon Plumbing of the win and the actions of some of the teams," said Cole, the American Boat Racing Association's race chairman. "We don't need people challenging every ruling we make. We have had way too much of that, not only at San Diego but at Seattle as well."

Cole 'disgusted' by ongoing debate over rulings >>

For the record, nobody here at HydroInsider has EVER suggested a conspiracy or that anybody robbed anyone of anything. But that leads me to a rare...


The free flow of debate and comment on this website and others make for some darn interesting reading. It's pretty entertaining sometimes to see what some goofballs have to say. OK, sometimes people cross the line. When that happens, we try to address it. But most times I ignore it because people have a right to their opinions - even if I think they're wrong.

It's really just an outgrowth of the passion some have for the sport. And, on the whole, that's a good thing.

In all walks of life, there will be the conspiracy nuts who think things are rigged. Ocassionally they're even right. Just ask the NBA fans who complained for years about games officiated by Tim Donaghy, now in jail for fixing games to pay off gambling debts.

But generally, nobody takes these folks seriously.

It's also important to note that everytime somebody does put up some whacko comment, there are dozens of people that immediately respond and shout them down. That means the vast majority of fans are shutting down the negative comments and coming to the defense of the sport. That's passion.

And if people are passionate, they're interested. If they're interested, they'll follow the sport, show up and pay money to watch, and talk to others about it.

So let them have their say. Let the fans get excited. Let them criticize, debate, analyze and discuss what happens. That's half the fun of sports! And let's make sure to keep them engaged so they show up at race sites and keep them viable.

The ABRA did the right thing by holding up the final verdict on the San Diego race for more than an hour to study the films and get the call right on gun jumpers. They deserve credit for taking the time to get it right - regardless of how long it took.

But the officials clearly missed the action in the final turn prior to the start that had a significant impact on the race. Some call should have been made. If it's not a "reviewable event" then the right action is to admit they blew it and figure out how to make it better in the future.

Even the NFL has done that recently. NFL referee Ed Hochuli blew a big call this season - one that cost San Diego a win and allowed Denver to come back to win. The fan outrage was HUGE. And appropriate.

But an amazing thing happened. Hochuli came forward and admitted he blew it. "I failed miserably," he said - even personally responding directly to fans by email . What happened? The outrage subsided. People still weren't happy with the call, but they at least felt good that somebody finally admitted they were human and that they don't get it right every single time.

In fact, my respect for the NFL officiating ranks went up because they quickly admitted the error and talked about the steps they were taking to make sure it didn't happen again.

By the way, the incident, the debate, the name calling, conspiracy theories, and the admission are all on the NFL's website. They're not afraid of it. And the stuff about the NBA ref? That's on the NBA's website, too. The big boys aren't afraid to admit the problems and let the fans have their say.

Having said all that, let me leave you with one final thought. There's been more talk and more debate about the sport this year than in past years. It's been a fascinating season for a hundred different reasons. I've had more emails, more comments, and more interaction with blog visitors this year than ever before. How is that a bad thing?

And I certainly couldn't have said it any better than Steve David.

It was a race, stuff happens, and life goes on. We didn't cure cancer, we didn't end world hunger, it was just a race and there are bigger issues to work on. Who cut off who is subjective, who saw what from what vantage point,etc. Jeff won, and he will win more in the future. He's a great driver with a bright future. The same should be said of Brian Perkins, J Michael, Jdub, etc. The race is history, we go on to 2009 and look forward to great racing, and undoubtedly post race heated discussions. Such is the nature of sports.

Steve David, U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison driver
on the HydroINSIDER.com Live Blog

And with that, I'm done ranting. On to 2009! Let's make it the best season ever.

Paul Dughi

VIDEO: Blast from the past...

Budweiser frogs going for a ride in an Unlimited Hydroplane

VIDEO: Start line video of the Finals @ San Diego

Gives you an idea of who jumped the gun...

San Diego

While down in San Diego. I had the opportunity to go to the Galley at the Marina. This is a must for any hydro fan. The Galley is owned by Fran Muncey. Located About 30 Min's south of San Diego in Chula Vista. it over looks a Marina. The Dark wood Low Lighting accompanied by local bands and karaoke. is a perfect setting for a great evening of hydroplane chat. Fran Muncey was given a hand made Quilt by Sue and Ralph Niedzwiecki Of Chicago. If you get a chance to go to San Diego this is a must. Try the Tequila chicken fetachine and a Miller lite.

New race sites for 2009? Dallas and New Richmond, OH possible

Evansville race director and ABRA board member Tom Sawyer is quoted in the Evansville Courier Press as saying the "most likely candidates" to be added to the current six ABRA race sites for 2009 are New Richmond, Ohio and Dallas.

Two more groups step up to try to save Hydro Races in Evansville

Jay Rathman, president of J. Rathman Sports, LLC, a sports marketing agency, and Ken Muscatel's group, Race Marketing Partners, are interested in trying to save Thunder, Thunder race director and American Boat Racing Association board member Tom Sawyer confirmed on Wednesday. Muscatel drives and owns the U-25 Superior Racing unlimited hydroplane team.

Thunder on the Ohio race drawing interest from two groups >>

From the U-37 website...

We didn't get robbed the sport got robbed. The fans got robbed. Other teams got robbed. If the U6 doesn't get cut off, they probably win this race. If Theoret wasn't washed down he would have been in a better position to win this race. So when you're criticizing folks for voicing their opinions you need to remember that 11 drivers go out and race boats at 200 mph.

At the snap of your fingers they could die and many have. This isn't about team prestige or trophies. This is about driver safety and the integrity of this sport.

You can't build a fan base if the fans don't understand the rules. The fans can't understand the rules if the way that they are enforced is incosistent. Put yourself in the shoes of a first time viewer. Now what do you think about Bayfair? The video doesn't lie and the ABRA took 2 hours to figure out who jumped the gun. A task that could have been done in seconds. However, they never even considered looking at the mill and 3 officials in helicopters didn't see the multiple infractions. That's amazing considering the trail in the salt water doesn't lie either. These people need the proper equipment to make these calls and bring back the integrity of this sport.

Source: U-37 website

More from U-37.com >>

VIDEO: San Diego Finals - The entire race

Video is a joint project of HydroInsider.com and ABRA

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 3B

Video is a joint project of HydroInsider.com and ABRA.

VIDEO: Start of the San Diego Finals - Extended Version

Here's an extended video of what happened in the last turn before the start of the final. It starts earlier than the previous version we posted.

If you want to download a high resolution version and view it full screen, click here to download. We've backed up the video so you have an even better view of the video

Thanks to Kage at Hydropage for the request!

Watch it a couple of times and you'll see the U-5 and U-6 get tight together. The U-6 has to go inside and hits the buoy. The U-37 suddenly pulls hard to the right to avoid collision and slows. The U-5 also slows up. Everybody else zooms by... three boats hit the start line too early.

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 3A

Video is a joint project of HydroInsider.com and ABRA

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 2B

Video is a joint project of HydroInsider.com and ABRA

PHOTOS: San Diego Bayfair

View 70 photos from the Unlimited Hydroplanes races in San Diego from SoCalBeaches Magazine. Click here to view >>

VIDEO: Bayfair San Diego 2008 - Boat Recovery

Three videos showing the recovery efforts in bringing the boat back to shore.

VIDEO: Inside the Boeing U-787 cockpit @ San Diego

Check out the bio fuel Boeing U-787 and get a feel for what it is like to drive a boat that averages 147 mph and 3,000 horse power.

VIDEO: U-7 ForumulaBoats.com @ San Diego

The U-7 leaves the docks...

VIDEOS: Steve David celebrates U-1

Watch the confetti fly as the Oberto team celebrates winning the National Championship on the docks.

U-6 returns to the docks after wrapping up the championship

San Diego Videos

I will have more heat videos and the finals posted shortly... so check back soon!

VIDEO: Lamb Weston signs on for two more years of sponsorship of Tri-Cities race site

"It was a great opportunity for us to really help nourish our employees and give them an event to come to and be proud of," said Jeff DeLapp, with Lamb Weston.

"It's been highly successful and everybody really appreciates the time and energy that goes into it and the resources that we get from our sponsors," said Kathy Powell, with the Tri-City Water Follies.


VIDEO: Interview with driver who crashed hydro at San Diego


Steve David: "It was hit a buoy or hit the kid"

Again, ABRA officials missed the call, Steve David said. "It was hit a buoy or hit the kid," the disgusted Steve David said. "Next time it will be different."

U-6 driver Steve David in a News Release from the team talking about the incident in the final turn before the start line of the finals at San Diego.

Read the news release >>
HYDROINSIDER.COM: Includes VIDEO of the incident

VIDEO: Awards Ceremony

Video is a joint production of HydroInsider.com and ABRA

VIDEO: Jockeying before the start of final

Video is a joint product of HydroInsider.com and ABRA

Watch it a couple of times and you'll see the U-5 and U-6 get tight together. The U-6 has to go inside and hits the buoy. The U-37 suddenly pulls hard to the right to avoid collision and slows. The U-5 also slows up. Everybody else zooms by.

It's easier to see in a full frame, high quality video but the file's larger. If you want to download it and watch the larger video, click here.

From the U-37 website...

The ABRA did it again.There will be no Sunday update. If you'd like the results please go to www.abrahydroplanes.com and click on their contact us link. Ask them why they made a call during the race and then reversed it 2 hours after the race ended? They didn't hose the U37 this time. They hosed the fans yet again. Ask them why the U37 was the ONLY boat to get the checkered flag but they still don't have a trophy to prove it. You were there or you watch it on the internet. Tell them how you saw the race.

LINK: U-37.com >>

Results changed - U5 FormulaBoats.com declared winner in San Diego

After further review, ABRA issued its final, official results for Bayfair, awarding the win to Jeff Bernard in Ted Porter's U-5 FormulaBoats.com.

"We purposely held up the official results while we reviewed video from the start," said ABRA Chairman Sam Cole on ABRAHydroplanes.com. "We gathered all of the owners, except those from one team who sent a representative, and showed them video.

The video, Cole says, clearly demonstrates what happened.

Final Results - Official

1. U-5 FormulaBoats.com Jeff Bernard
2. U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret
3. U-7 Formulaboats.com Mike Allen
4. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
5. U-13 Graham Trucking/Spirit of Detroit J. Michael Kelly
6. U-50 Spirit of the Navy Brian Perkins

Final Results: U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret win Bayfair 2008

Final Heat @ Bayfair, San Diego 2008

  1. U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret
  2. U-7 Formulaboats.com Mike Allen
  3. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison and Steve David *
  4. U-5 FormulaBoats.com Jeff Bernard *
  5. U-13 Graham Trucking/Spirit of Detroit J. Michael Kelly *
  6. U-50 Spirit of the Navy Brian Perkins *

    * jumped the gun - one lap penalty

Some tense moments for the U-6 team as the boat didn't fire when it was time to spool up for the finals. But the crew managed to get it going in time to get out on the course.

ABRA reinstituted the 1:00 score-up buoy as teams battled for the inside lane before the one-minute gun. David grabbed the inside lane heading into the buoy and Jean Theoret in the U-37 was in lane two. Jeff Bernard in the U-5 moved in on David to grab the lane and pushed David into the buoy, forcing Theoret to go wide. That may have actually helped Theoret as he had to slow as he changed course. More on that in a minute.

David recovered first and hit the start/finish line first. After the first lap of the 5 lap finals, it was the U-6 in first, U-5 second and U-13 in third, U-37 in fourth. David lengthened out the lead in the second lap, which held through the third lap.

But hang on a second... or should I say a lap... ABRA officials determined that everyone except for Jean Theoret in the U-37 and Mike Allen in the U-7 had jumped the gun! That meant Theoret, in fourth, was actually the leader as all the other boats were assessed a one lap penalty.

Theoret cruised to victory and Mike Allen held on for second.

VIDEO: San Diego 2008 Heat 1B with play-by-play

Video is a joint project of HydroInsider.com and ABRA.

VIDEO: San Diego Heat 1A with play-by-play

Video is a joint project of HydroInsider.com and ABRA.

VIDEO: Interview with Steve David after Heat 1B win

Consolation Heat: No winner

Consolation Heat

DNF. U-25 Ken Muscatel
DNF. U-3 Jimmy King

Weird consolation heat. The U-25 was by itself on the course while the U-3 tried to get revved to go. The U-25 hooked violently to the left in the Sea World turn and Dr. Ken was forced to shut it down. The U-3 did get on the water, but was shut down.

So... unsure now whether either boat can/will get into the final.

HydroInsider.com audio play-by-play of Heat 2A, 2B, Oberto Championship

Go3Racing website >>

Oberto U-1 Crest

Consolation / Final match-ups


U-3, U-25


U-5, U-6, U-7, U-13, U-37, U-50

Heat 3B Results

1. U-5
2. U-6
3. U-13
DNS. U-3

Heat 3A Results

1. U-37
2. U-50
DNS. U-25, U-7
DNF. U-100

New U-1 for 2009

With the second place finish in Heat 2B, the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto wins the National High Points team Championship!

Heat 2B Results

1. U37
2. U6
3. U13
4. U50

Heat 2A Results

1. U5
2. U7
3. U100
DNF U3, U25

Sunday media roundup

Tortoise & Shark: David to run just fast enough to lock up title and then unleash the shark in Oh Boy! Oberto >>

Bernard eyes the big prize >>

Oh Boy! Oberto, David off to fast start at Bayfair >>

VIDEO: Hydro disintegrates during San Diego test run

There was an accident during testing in San Diego when a top fuel hydro driven by Mark Worentine flipped and all but disintegrated on impact. Mark is OK, has a sore neck and cut his lip.


Steve David: "We need to stay away from the salt and play it conservative to wrap this thing up"

"One more heat of running safe," Steve David said after his conservative heat win. "We need to stay away from the salt (salt water in the motor) tomorrow and play it conservative to wrap this thing up."

Oh Boy! Oberto Is One Bite Away From The National Championship >>

Heat Draws for San Diego Heat 2A, 2B

Heat 2A Draw
U-3, U-5, U-7, U-25, U-100

Heat 2B Draw
U-6, U-13, U-37, U-50

Audio Play-by-Play from Heat 1A, Heat 1B from HydroInsider.com

Heat 1A Play-by-Play
Recorded from live streaming coverage on HydroInsider.com
Assist from Mike Fetscher and the Go3 Racing Team

Heat 1B Play-by-Play
Recorded from live streaming coverage on HydroInsider.com
Assist from Mike Fetscher and the Go3 Racing Team

Mike Hanson: "We just have to finish the next heat and we will be the U-1"

Mike Hanson, crew chief for the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Madison, Ind owned team - said, "Forget about the points, we just have to finish the next heat and we will be the U-1 National Championship!"


Heat 1B Results

Heat 1B Results

1. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison Steve David
2. U-3 Cooper Racing Jimmy King
3. U-7 FormulaBoats.com Mike Allen
4. U-50 Spirit of the Navy Brian Perkins

Heat 1A Results

Heat 1A Results

1. U-5 FormulaBoats.com Jeff Bernard
2. U-37 Beacon Plumbing Jean Theoret *
3. U-25 Superior Racing Ken Muscatel
4. U-13 Graham Trucking J. Michael Kelly

U-100 Mirageboats.com Greg Hopp

* U-37 team fined $100 for lane encroachment

Hydro Radio Show Saturday 6-8pm ET

Live Hydro Radio Show 6-8pm ET Saturday >>

Countdown to the Crown will be broadcast on-line from 6-8pm ET on Saturday. The radio station will mix music with interviews of people from the storied past of the longest running hydroplane team, the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison. Buddy Byers, Ron Snyder and others are scheduled to be on the air, according to ABRAHydroplanes.com

Saturday Morning Media Roundup

60-year-old engines are Hydroplane marvels >>

San Diego Bayfair: U-6 hoping to start celebration early >>

Mission Bay Boat Races Will Go On Despite Sewage Spill >>

Live stream up

Audio from the P.A. call in San Diego is available on-line at HydroInsider.com. It will be silent when they're not on the P.A. but you'll know it's working because you'll see a graphic.

LINK: http://www.kndu.com/Global/category.asp?C=78290&nav=menu484_4_4

From Steve Montgomery earlier: Apologies to those of you who tried to listen today. Turned out the wire under the driveway from the telco box to our tower had become too corroded to be reliable. To the credit of AT&T and Alltell, Bayfair's com vendor, they went to work and strung a whole new line for us. Craig Barney says we have a pipe now that could handle hi-def TV, so we should be good for the rest of the weekend.

Friday Qualifying at San Diego

Qualifying teams/times so far...

  1. U-5 FormulaBoats.com
    Jeff Bernard 158.612
  2. U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing
    Jean Theoret 158.083
  3. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison
    Steve David 156.214
  4. U-7 FormulaBoats.com
    Mike Allen 155.483
  5. U-13 Spirit of Detroit/Graham Trucking
    J. Michael Kelly 155.432
  6. U-3 Grandview Resort presents Hoss Mortgage Investors
    Jimmy King 155.084
  7. U-25 Superior Racing
    Dr. Ken Muscatel 148.743
  8. U-50 Spirit of the Navy
    Brian Perkins 144.671

U-100 had mechanical problem; should be OK to qualify on Saturday.


One-minute score up buoy reinstated

Chief referee Mike Noonan announced earlier that a one-minute score up buoy(previously used in Madison, Evansville and Detroit) will be reinstated for the San Diego race."With the salt here, we don't want the boats going slow, so we'll probably put the one-minute score up buoy somewhere in turn one," said Noonan. "That way, they'll have to go pretty fast to get there from the starting line."


San Diego Pics

Here are just a few pics from Thursday.

9 boats in the pits on Thursday in San Diego

9 Boats here in the pits. 11 counting huricane and 787. Weather is Nice down here just dont go swimming in the bay. They had a sewage spill today, but think the water will be ok for tomorrow. Will be posting pics later tonight. check back later.

Internet was hit and miss today :-(
I hope I can find a hot spot tomorrow.

Races on despite sewage spill

Powerboat races in Mission Bay will start as scheduled Friday despite sewage contamination that has closed the eastern part of the bay to swimming, water skiing and use of personal watercraft. “There is basically no impact on the races,” said Bart Leland, spokesman for the American Boat Racing Association Unlimited Hydroplane Races. “We're in an excellent spot” of the bay.

San Diego Union Tribune >>

Live audio stream from Unlimited Hydroplane Races in San Diego

Yes, there will be live streaming from the final race of the ABRA Unlimited Hydroplane racing season in San Diego. Steve Montgomery and Mark Allen will be doing play-by-play which you can listen to on HydroInsider.com.

Exhibition Races

The possibility of several exhibition races could happen in 2009. Speaking to Tim Torrance on the WORX "Hydro Show" Tuesday night, ABRA Chairman Sam Cole said representatives from Kelowna, British Columbia will be in San Diego this weekend for the running of Bayfair. They'll also have a check for deposit on an exhibition race in 2009. "We want to go about this the right way and make sure everything is put together before we go up for a race," said Sam Cole. The plan is to run next year after Seattle Seafair, possibly Labor Day weekend. If the exhibition goes well, Kelowna could be added to the ABRA schedule in 2010. The unlimiteds are no stranger to Kelowna, having raced there in 1966 and 1967 and returning for 4 year run 1996-99.

Chattanooga, Tennessee was another potential exhibition race this season until the event was cancelled this week. According to the Offshore Performance Association website, lack of financial backing caused the U.S. Powerboat Championship Races to be cancelled. The ABRA hopes to conduct an exhibition there next year.

Cole also talked about taking the sport to new fans in 2009 with exhibitions in Spain, Europe and Asia. Racing 4-5 events with 5 to 6 boats in hopes of attracting new fans, Cole said, "We want to balance out and have a strong circuit here and at the same time take the sport abroad and get new interest in it." Jose Luis del Palacio, a former head of Formula 2 racing and Ned Dawson, publisher of H2O Full Throttle magazine will also be in San Diego this weekend. Both are potential partners with the ABRA in this new venture. Putting together his own race circuit in the Middle East and Europe , del Palacio wants the unlimiteds to join the racing as well. Cole and del Palacio have been discussing the partnership for over a year now.

Saying the last few off seasons have been spent on technical things such as skid fins, props and on plane rules, Cole hopes the ABRA board will let Chief Referee Mike Noonan and his team deal with these items and the board concentrate on the future of the sport. "Our board really needs to focus on getting our racing schedule put together, and what we're doing now, corporate sponsorships. That's going to be the future of the sport."

Maloofs to sponsor ABRA Fast Lap Award

The American Boat Racing Association is getting a heavy dose of star power, NBA-style.Gavin and George Maloof, owners of the NBA's Sacramento Kings, as well as The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, have entered into a three-year sponsorship agreement with the sport, ABRA Chairman Sam Cole said Monday.


Hydro teams, ABRA still owed a total of $50,000

Although the American Boat Racing Association is still owed $50,000 by the Freedom Festival’s board, ABRA chairman Sam Cole managed to maintain his sense of humor.

Evansville Courier and Press

Mike Webster's U-22 Making Progress

Work continues on the U-22 of Mike Webster. Mike tells me in an email, "I am really working hard to try and make this all happen." The goal is the 2009 ABRA season for the Webster Racing Team from Reading, PA.

Matrix System Automotive Finishes has joined the Webster Racing Team for the 2009 season as a sponsor. The team is currently painting the bottom of the U-22 hull. Stage one is complete, with the completion scheduled for this weekend (Sept. 20-21). Mike writes, "The running bottoms are being coated currently and will be ready to be installed shortly." When all the painting is complete, the hull will be turned right side up and work will continue on top of the unlimited hydroplane.

For more on Matrix System Automotive Finishes, click here.

U-10 status for San Diego

While there's been no official confirmation, we hear that the U-10 USA Racing Partners team will not participate in the final race at San Diego with the passing of team owner Kim Gregory.

VIDEO: Launching of Hurricane IV on Lake Washington

Posted on YouTube on Sept. 12th.

San Diego Union-Tribune ad for Bayfair

1960's era U-12 Miss Budweiser rides again

1960's era hydroplane, Miss Budweiser U-12 powered by Allison V12 aircraft engine. Running at the Buffalo Launch Club Show, 9/6/2008 - found on youtube

Revised Schedule for San Diego

Bayfair has put our "Version 3" of the schedule >>

Our sport has a huge hole, one that will likely never be filled.

Our sport has a huge hole, one that will likely never be filled. Our prayers for Debbie and her kids and their team. Kim was so much more than a boat owner. He was a giant in person, in business and in integrity. A loving father and husband, and a stabilizing force within ABRA.

STEVE DAVID on the passing of Kim Gregory

USA Racing Partners co-owner Kim Gregory dies >>

Memorial messages for Kim Gregory

PHOTO: Kim Gregory (left) with the U-10 USA Racing Partners team

ABRA has set up a section on its website where registered users can post messages for the Gregory family >>

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made in Kim Gregory's name to:

Stop Cancer
2566 Overland Ave.
Suite 790
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Kim Gregory has passed away

The American Boat Racing Association and the entire boat racing community lost one of the most ardent supporters Wednesday, September 3 with the passing of Kim Gregory, owner of the U-10 Unlimited Hydroplane. Funeral arrangements are pending at this time and we will post information as it becomes available. keep Debbie, Matt, Adam, Kari and the entire Gregory family in your thoughts and prayers.

Archives: Gar Wood newspaper ad

This newspaper ad (circa 1930?) is up for sale now on ebay >>

Archive Video: U-24 Oh Boy! Oberto crash in 1994

1994 from Tri-Cities, WA: Mike Eacrett talks with Steve Montgomery about his crash at 190+ mph in the U-24 Oh Boy! Oberto.

Offshore powerboats could steal the thunder

The Unlimited Hydroplanes are again the featured class. But despite concerted efforts to rebuild and expand the base, the Unlimiteds will again have no more than 11 boats here for the finale of a six-race season. And the drag boats, while exciting, are clearly a support event.

The offshore boats have been invited to supplement the cast as a replacement for the Unlimited Lights. But they could steal the show depending on how many offshore boats turn out and how they are used.

Offshore powerboats could steal the thunder >>