U-7 speeds Saturday


Jimmy Shane is out in the U-7 right now, for the first time today.

Lap 1 - 130.175
Lap 2 - 132.430
Lap 3 - 131.149

  • This is the FormulaBoats.com backup boat, which was readied just in time for last week's Tri-Cities Lamb Weston Columbia Cup, and finished fourth in the final.
  • Mike Allen is in the pits this morning, supporting the team and signing autographs.
  • The primary U-7 is being repaired here in Seattle, presumably at the Hydroplanes, Inc. boat shop where it was built as the Miss Budweiser T-5 in 1998.
  • Looks like the team is still trying to find some more speed from the boat, as Team Manager Mark Hooten stated yesterday. We'll see what we can find out from the team during the airshow.


Anonymous said...

Great to see Mike Allen is therewmdnz.