U-6 speeds Saturday morning


First unlimited on the water this morning is the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto, driven by Steve David.

Lap 1 - 151.937
Lap 2 - 152.940
Lap 3 - 151.745

  • Steve David and the Oberto are leading the ABRA National High Points chase this season.
  • David got around the course very quickly in his setup lap before going on the clock. He's holding the boat tight to the buoy line and appears to have as good a boat ride as you can have in Seattle.
  • Oberto/Miss Madison has 21 podium finishes in the last 29 races, according to PA announcer Mark Allen.
  • Around the pits, there doesn't seem to be any thrashing going on. Everyone seems to have everything ready to go, and most teams have already trailer fired this morning.


Anonymous said...

Go Miss Madison U6- Steven David-U-50-Dr. Ken! Good Luck Today qualifying. "D" Area 51 Racing

Anonymous said...

Come on, Steve, bring home another trophy! It's Madison's turn to wear the U-1...