U-50 speeds Saturday morning - second run


Brian Perkins just entered the course with the U-50 Miss Albert Lee presents Spirit of the Navy for the second time this morning.

Lap 1 - 141.556
Lap 2 - no speed reported by ABRA
Lap 3 - no speed reported by ABRA

  • The U-10 USA Racing Partners are currently doing a little "community relations" work, inviting fans to sit in the cockpit, and close the lid to see what it's like to be David Bryant inside the boat.
  • The U-5 FormulaBoats.com is being lowered into the water for another run during this session, which is scheduled to end at noon (PDT).
  • We're starting to see some of the unlimited lights heat 1A participants being lowered into the water, which means we're not far from a long break in the unlimited action for today.
  • Heat racing for the unlimiteds begins with heat 1A at 2:45 p.m. (PDT).
  • Steve David has just left the dock for his last run of this session.