U-48 speeds Saturday morning


David Williams is on the water with the U-48 Albert Lee presents Lakeridge Paving.

Lap 1 - 133.037
Lap 2 - 116.792
Lap 3 - not announced, but Williams was on a timing run

  • After a quick shakedown run yesterday afternoon, David Williams never recorded a qualifying speed. He looks more determined to set down a qualifying speed right now.
  • The boat is running just a little bit loose on the straightaway this morning.
  • Another timing run on the second and third laps for David Williams. Looks like he's working on establishing his marks for starts later today and tomorrow.
  • This was a brand new team in 2007, running just the Tri-Cities and Seafair races last year with the U-48. They added the U-50 during the offseason, and have run the full season so far with that boat.
  • The U-787 Boeing presents Spirit of Seafair is in the water, now too.
  • Over in the U-100 MirageBoats.com pits, they've just completed a trailer fire...looks and sounds like everything is OK.
  • U-3 is out next.