U-48 speeds Saturday morning - second run


David Williams is out for a second time today in the Albert Lee presents Lakeridge Paving.

Lap 1 - 135.168
Lap 2 - 140.312 (his fastest lap of the weekend)
Lap 3 - did not complete.

  • On the end of the second lap, the bow of the Lakeridge Paving boat got very high in the air, but David was able to bring it back down.
  • David's ride ended early, as the boat died coming out of the north turn as it was approaching the finish of the third lap. The cockpit is open and David appears to be OK, but he'll be coming back to the pits at the end of a tow rope.
  • David Williams is the executive director of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, and is an accomplished author of several hydroplane books, including his latest, "Hydroplane Racing in the Tri-Cities," which was released earlier this summer.
  • One of the best quotes of the weekend, so far, has come from Dr. Ken Muscatel of the U-25 Miss Procraft Windows, "Life is made up of big victories and small victories. It's the small victories that matter."