U-37 speeds Saturday morning


Here comes Jean Theoret in the U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing.

Lap 1 - 151.171
Lap 2 - 152.419
Lap 3 - no time announced

  • After recording a 152-plus lap, Jean Theoret worked slowly around the course, setting his timing marks for the start on this two-mile course.
  • The U-50 Albert Lee Appliances presents Spirit of the Navy is now being lowered into the water.
  • Interesting contrast in styles today. The U-13 is still trying the snorkel to see if it helps stabilize the ride on this rough water, but over in the U-5 camp, they've taken the snorkel off because they had the second-fastest time yesterday, while running without the snorkel (after it fell off early in the test run). The snorkel was recovered, but has a place on the T-6's trailer right now.