U-25 speeds Saturday morning


Dr. Ken Muscatel is out with the U-25 Miss Procraft Windows this morning. It's good to see him out in the boat, getting some testing time this weekend. It's the first extensive testing the team has had this season.

Lap 1 - 132.503
Lap 2 - 138.688
Lap 3 - 138.744 (his fastest time of the weekend)

  • Dr. Ken Muscatel is known as the "world's fastest forensic psychologist", due to his career away from boat racing. He's a forensic psychologist who has advised legal counsel testified as an forensic expert in more than 500 murder cases.
  • Ken Muscatel has raced in 16 Seafair races. He has raced here every year since 1991. Steve David has 18 appearances in the Seafair race.
  • Muscatel is a critical player in the rebirth of the San Diego race, having taken over the management of the event. He has attracted supporters such as Boeing for the title sponsorship of the race.
  • Jimmy King's U-3 is coming back on a tow rope from the start-finish area.
  • The U-787 Boeing presents Spirit of Seafair is out next with Chip Hanauer at the wheel.


Anonymous said...

What a disappointment, year after year all I ever hear are excuses! Get a real mechanic and a driver that isn't chicken and maybe your boat would be competative.