U-13 speeds Saturday morning


Here's the U-13 Graham Trucking presents Spirit of Detroit for the first time this morning.

Lap 1 - 145.834
Lap 2 - 148.056
Lap 3 - 148.545 (his fastest time of the weekend)

  • J. Michael Kelly has the boat on the course, and looking like he's feeling everything out at a slow speed, but on plane right now, going down the backstretch. He kicked up his speed in the north turn. Looks like he's simulating a start from lane 4, and he's really on it now as he start the first timed lap.
  • The U-13 is still running with the salt-water snorkel on the front of the cowl.
  • The Detroit Unlimited Racing Team also owns the former Trendwest boat, last ran as the U-2.25 under the Superior Racing Team banner. They're currently working on the boat back at the shop over this season and next to make as many of the parts as interchangable as possible and have a backup boat and a primary boat.
  • U-6 is on the water now.