U-100 speeds Saturday


Greg Hopp has Fred Leland's red, white and blue U-100 MirageBoats.com back on the water for the first time today.

Lap 1 - 136.822
Lap 2 - 139.524
Lap 3 - did not complete the lap and returned to the pits

  • Leland Unlimited is again running the U-100 with the snorkel over the cockpit.
  • This boat was brand new in 1998, and was driven to a Chevrolet Cup at Seafair championship by N. Mark Evans.
  • The U-48 is being lowered back into the water.
  • Fred Leland, according to PA Announcer Mark Allen, still has a total of three boats in his "Leland Navy", after having sold two of his boats to the Go Fast, Turn Left Racing Team (those boats are now the U-48 and the U-50).


Anonymous said...

I believe Fred still has 4 hulls in the "Leland Navy". #9701 (Dustbuster) Ex-New Kid in Town,Two hulls he built in '98: #9810, #9899 and #0010 (the hull he is currently racing)

Nelson Holmberg said...

Correct indeed. He did re-acquire the "Dustbuster" boat after having leased it to Ray Forsman several years ago. Good catch. Thank you.