U-1 speeds Saturday morning


Dave Villwock has the U-1 Ellstrom presents Amos W. Hoss out on the Ted Jones Memorial race course now.

Lap 1 - 152.581
Lap 2 - 154.119 (fastest lap of the weekend so far)
Lap 3 - 155.249 (fastest lap of the weekend so far)

  • Over in the U-13 pits, some due diligence after the course closed last night found no significant damage to either the hull or the motor after the team broke a short shaft and lost a prop yesterday in testing. They trailer fired this morning and everything seemed in order.
  • The U-3 and U-10 are now in the water, as is the U-37.
  • The U-1 seems to be sponson-walking quite a bit down the straightaways, no doubt a victim of the parallel rollers that are common on the Ted Jones Memorial Race Course.
  • The U-5 is on the sling, and will likely go after the two new fast speeds laid down by Dave Villwock during this run.


Merlin08 said...

Good morning all:

Weather is lousy down here in Kent. Hope it's better over the lake. Question: Does it look like the U-3 will have enough healthy equipment to make it through the weekend?

Nelson Holmberg said...

We're all keeping our fingers crossed that the U-3 will have enough healthy gear to get them through the weekend. The boat is now back on the trailer, but since the crane is being used to lower the U-10 into the water, there's no indication as to whether the team will remove the Allison. We'll keep an eye on it. If this one isn't able to keep going, they have at least one more motor with them. We'll see what we can find out after his session ends. Thanks for the great question.