U-1 speeds Saturday morning - second run


The bright orange U-1 Ellstrom presents Amos W. Hoss, driven by Dave Villwock, is back on the course.

Lap 1 - 151.777
Lap 2 - 154.281
Lap 3 - 155.857 (fastest lap of the weekend)

  • Lap No. 3 was scary for the rest of the field. Villwock drove the Elam 155.857 around the course in lane 5.
  • The team tested the U-1 and the U-787 on July 1 here at Stan Sayres pits, and did not go back east for the first three races of the season.
  • Dave is running in different lanes this time out, to get a feel for the course, running across his own wake in some cases.
  • The boat ride looks much better this time out.
  • The U-10 just finished a successful trailer test of their turbine.