Sam Cole on Seattle appeal verdict


"When you read the rule book on this specific rule, it states that the chief referee's call is final and that's what was decided. This is not a technical call, it is a judgment call -- just like balls and strikes in baseball -- and what the referee says is final," said ABRA race chairman Sam Cole on the ABRA website.




zerricane said...

I've been a hydro fanatic since I was born in 1958. Even though the years that sucked I stayed with it. But this is just stupid. To assess anyone for being off plane during a timed start is idiotic, and to punish just one of three is unfair and patronizing to the fans. Bill Muncey, Dean Chenowith, Ron Mussen and all the other greats of the sport must be rolling over in their graves at the thought that a race was run with such a non-competitive rule in effect. I'm done with the hydros forever --- sorry, but the ABRA sucks big time. And the sport will never be the same again.

crowebar said...

Based on Sam's reply I wonder why the U-37 appealed. If the Ref's call is final and can't be overturned, the appeal was a waste of time.

While I'm not a big fan of the off plane rule, everyone was told what would happen before the race. They were then all warned that they were too slow on the backstretch and the next time would cost them a minute. Unfortunatly for U-37 he slowed again on the frontstretch and was penalized as he was told he would be. Good job ABRA for enforcing your rules and backing up your guys for doing their jobs. Now fix the crazy start proceedure so we don't have to go through this again.

ukcats1 said...

The reason a team appeals a call, falls under the same ideaology of a baseball manager arguing a call.

Did you ever see a baseball manager win an appeal/argument on a bad call? But the point is they get recognized and maybe in teh future more thought will go into making a judgement call before it is made.
There's always a chance that you could win your appeal, too! Even if it is a small chance!

Toonces said...

This is total BS and like crowebar said, a waste of time if they had no intention of overturning the ref's lame call. I too have been an unlimited hydro fan my entire life and have stuck with the sport through thick and thin but for me, this is the last straw. I am done. I will not attend another race in Seattle or anywhere else nor will I tune in on the web. The Ellstroms and Villwock have hijacked the sport. Let them have it. They and the ABRA can take it to Dubai and shove it up their asses. The U-37 got the turbo-"shaft" on this one for sure.
I echo Billy's remarks at KIRO TV. Bye-Bye!

Digital Roostertails said...

A disappointing, but expected decision. Honestly, if this was the decision, it should have been announced sooner, rather than letting everyone stew about it for over a week.

Steven Hill said...

Hum, the E-Lam did not come East...that was a slap to get the ABRA attention. Sure looked like it worked just right.

ukcats1 said...

I realize that the outcome of this decision isn't going to make everybody happy, but if the penalty had been called against the U-1 I get the feeling that certain posters would be exstatic! But since it happened in their favor instead of against them it was a terrible call.

The call is already in the past. Rearview mirrors are for looking behind to make sure nothing sneaks up on you. We learn from history so that in some cases it doesn't repeat itself. THis is the final decision so lets just move forward!

crowebar said...

Good point ukcats1.

Steve, I would have thought the opposite to be true regarding the ABRA. The Elam didn't make the East swing so to heck with them.

What if the U37 had missed all the races that the elam did and then the penalty was called?

Or maybe, a penalty was called on a slow boat that had already been warned? Nah, has to be something else.

Dick Crowe

Nick said...

Ya I was upset over the call, but not because of who. It's just so ambiguous that it seems like they can pick and choose who to call it on. If anything good comes of this, it's that they FINALLY come up with a good solution to this fighting for lanes issue. The big problem the sport has is that fighting for lanes is pretty much THE race. Whoever gets inside, usually wins. That's a problem. I don't know if lifting the N2 restriction would free that up or not, but it makes most of the races really boring.

crowebar said...

I agree Nick,
but here is something else to think about. Years ago lane one wasn't as important because one boat was always so much stonger. The parity between the teams has put lane one at a premium. That part is good. If they can figure out a way to clean up the starts we'll have some real good racing.

Nick said...

I totally agree that the sport is better off not having one dominant boat. I love seeing all of them fighting for lanes too, and hopefully they get it fixed. The real problem is that the most important "race" takes place before the green flag is dropped. Everything after that seems predertimed based on lanes. We need more consistant deck to deck racing, especially if you want to grow the sport.

ukcats1 said...

Got any suggestions as to how to change the racing so that the inside lane isn't the only premium spot on the water?

Even if they went back to the old flag start or assigned lanes, the inside lane would be the premium spot! Unless you made the inside lane start 3-5 seconds later the the outside.

Set teh course like a track and field running event! TH outside lane has a 2 second advantage over the lane next to it, and so on a so forth untli the boat to the inside would be approx 8 seconds behind teh outside lane, but each boat would have to maintain their lane and not be allowed to move over once the race has started!???

Just a thought that would never FLY!!

crowebar said...

ukcats1, it would be cool if they could make a staggered start work. I'm not sure they could do it. I can remember the flag start days where they couldn't get lined up for that and the ref would send them around and around until they were close enough.

Nick said...

I was thinking track and field, and some kind of staggered start too. It would kinda work, but I don't know how they could actually pull it off. Plus you sacrafice the driver skill of timing the start perfectly. Back in the day the Bud, or the U-10 could win from the outside cause they were faster. With parity how it is now, it's just not possible. They should try lifting the N2 so the guys on the outside can run as fast as they can and keep up their speed through the turns.