Heat 1C results


Probably the best race of the day came down to a two-boat dual between Jean Theoret in the U-37 and David Bryant in the U-10.

Theoret started in lane 1, with Bryant just to his outside. Through the first two laps, Bryant stayed right with the Miss Beacon Plumbing despite the shorter course that the U-37 had. Theoret pulled away at the end of the front straightway at the beginning of lap number three, and was able to put Bryant on his hip and push him to the outside just enough to gain nearly a full-roostertail advantage out of the turn, and use that to gain a heat victory in 1C.

For the first lap, there was also a race for third and fourth, while Jimmy Shane and David Williams went deck-to-deck before Shane was able to pull away and easily take third place.

1. U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing, Jean Theoret
2. U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors, David Bryant
3. U-7 FormulaBoats.com, Jimmy Shane
4. U-48 Albert Lee presents Lakeridge Paving, David Williams