The Chelan Apple Cup


What an eventful week. The 2008 Summer Nationals being awarded to the Seattle Inboard Racing Association’s Chelan race on September 27-28. ULHRA and APBA joining forces for what should become a wild blower boat show.

The Hopp Racing team is now putting in an all out blitz to get Bob Schellhase’s UL/GP-12 returned to running condition for the GP Summer Nationals at Chelan in a month. Bob’s boat was damaged in a blow over accident at Port Angeles last year. We also have started work on the first twin carb gasoline blower motor to be run in an Unlimited Light.

Glen Davis donated a new 6/71 supercharger to the project and Ed’s Automotive the carbs and knowledge. We were trying for a test run at the TIRA race in Spanaway on September 6-7th, but Bob’s boat project is priority 1 right now. We might try for a test run right after the end of the season.

Marty Wolfe and Dennis Johnson have indicated that they will bring the GP-93 Trafficade-Wolfe Racing Special to the GP Summer Nationals at Chelan also. The Chelan event is shaping up to be a noisy fire breathing blower boat affair. The prize money package is in place as well as heat trophies.

Other Boats expected to attend: GP-17 Rick Bridgeman Red Apple, GP-8 Bob Baker Sterling’s Famous Steaks & Seafood, GP-15 Hopp Racing Graham Trucking GT/Happy Go Lucky/PumpTech and other teams are preparing as well.

Jerry Hopp
Hopp Racing Team