U-37 qualifying


U-37 Beacon Plumbing - Jean Theoret 151.016, 152.842, 152.996


Anonymous said...

I heard TImmy T say that 4 boats would be in the dash for cash.

1) is there room for 4 boats across the line at Madison?

2) how many laps do they run in a dash for cash?

3) How do they determine who will participate in the dash for cash?

Anonymous said...

usely top Quals or top 4 Points get first op . 3 laps ? uboatboy

Anonymous said...

So it is basically run as a non-points heat of racing for the 4 boats with either highest points or highest quals.

I wasn't sure wether they drew the boats from a hat, if they chose the lanes for the boats, had a battle for lanes,(like a normal heat of racing), etc.

Uboatboy said...

they have drawn lanes in past no points just sponsor cash $$