Sunday morning test session


Brian Perkins and the U50 Spirit of the Navy is taking the royal blue hydroplane out on to the somewhat calm Detroit River. Spooling up the Lycoming T55 motor he seems to be having a little difficulty.

Mike Allen in the U7 now takes to the water. Swinging through the roostertail the boat looks smooth.

Now Brian gets the 50 running. Allen slamming into the turn looking to see if the team has given him more power.

Steve David now takes a turn on the course. Allen is hugging the buoy line as Perkins screams past us here in the pits. Steve now running by us looking great. The 13 is trailer firing. Brian Perkins doing a nice run on the buoy line. The team clapping. Coming up the back stretch running wide close to the outside now. This young man has a lot of potential.

David had some trouble with the Oberto now has it running again.


Anonymous said...

hows the weather going to be today ? looks a little windy,but Sunny ?