PHOTOS: Scott Pierce goes for a ride with Mark Evans



Opanukester said...

Nice pictures, but where's the action shots!!?? I've heard a bunch about Mark's boat but have yet to see it run at speed with the outboards. Help please!! I need a fix!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Miss Madison U6-U50-Dr. Ken! Is there any info for audio or video streaming fot Seafair? "D" Area 51 Racing

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see it running too. I read something in the Tri City Hearld from Mark that it would go 60 MPH in the straights with the two outboards. Not bad considering he's down about 1500 Horsepower from when it ran with the turbine.
Soundslike a fun ride though. Looks like there might be room for another outboard back there too!
Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

This is Craig, Scott's brother. We were with him when the pictures were taken. The boat is incredibly stable both in the straights and turning in both directions! It could use more motor, and Mark is thinking that one through. But insurance problems are going to hold the speed down. You do get a great feel and the sound of the boat flying over the water is fantastic! You can barely hear the outboards, which are (2) 225HP, 4-stroke units. The boat pops up on plane even better than a turbine. This is going to be a great ride for people if Mark can get it all worked out. It's a great, safe way to feel what these boats feel like on the water. When he whips a turn, you even get the water coming up through the pickles, just like the real deal. He may close that in with pexiglass to make it easier to get in and out. Also, it would help to get more air under the boat, which it needs. But when your riding in it, you can't tell that the boat is down in the back.