Kayleigh Perkins wins ULHRA in South Dakota


ULHRA Final Results
Chamberlain-Oacoma, South Dakota

  1. UL 72
    Kayleigh Perkins
    Miss Boat Electric
  2. UL 15
    Greg Hopp
    Graham Trucking GT- Happy Go Lucky & Swenson Brothers Marine
  3. UL 14
    Paul Becker
    Anchor Grill Presents Miss Critical Logic
  4. UL 13
    J.Craig Fletcher
    Celtic Racing
  5. UL 929
    David Warren
    Xaudaro-Wilmot Racing

    DNF. UL 89
    Mike Sadlon
    Lake Trash.com presents No Excuses Racing


Lee Lafleur said...

It continues to be a treat to hear about her racing. One day...who knows: Kayleigh and Brian head-to-head in an unlimited.

Lee Lafleur
(U-21 Photo Guy)