Heat 2C



1. U-10
2. U-100
DNF U-48
DNS U-17


Anonymous said...

Sure hope Greg O'Farrell finds another driver besides David Williams so he can be competitive with his boat

Anonymous said...

You really think ANY driver in an old hull like that is gonna run with the Elams, Formulas, Oberto and Gregory's? Maybe you don't know as much as you think you do. Or perhaps this was just a chance to take a cheap shot at someone you have issues with. Gotta love sour grapes...

Anonymous said...

Unlimiteds NW doesn't know jack about boat racing, and your comment proves it.

Neither David Williams, Chip Hanauer, Bill Muncey or Jesus Christ himself would have ANY control driving a boat where the rudder lets go.

I'm sure David would be glad to relinquish his driving seat to any one who could.

How about it, Big Boy? Let's see you man up in that situation and do better.


Anonymous said...

Geez, I thought about posting a comment, but since I'm not an owner, driver, or historian I think I'll pass as not to get ripped apart.

Lon Erickson said...

Feel free to post your comments, as that's what a forum/blog is all about. If you are going to make a statement or quote people, just try to have your facts accurate & straight first. I believe that was the problem people had with "unlimiteds nw" and his/her posts.
We are all hydro fans here, otherwise we wouldn't be here watching and following the the boats. Enjoy and let's hope for continued safe, good racing!!!