From a fan's perspective


The Louisville Courier Journal's Scott Utterback visited the Madison Regatta during Saturday's testing and qualifying. Watch his unique story telling about unlimited hydroplane racing from the banks of the Ohio river, from a fans perspective.


Anonymous said...

great little video could of watched more like the Madison movie twice when I got it ,wish he would of interviewed some kids aspect THX

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe with the biggest race of the entire season coming up this weekend that no one is talking about the Gold Cup. the 100th anniversary, Qualifying starts tomorrow. COme on people!!

Aren't you as psyched about this as I am! I LOVE THIS SPORT!!

Unknown said...

Still waiting to see how many boats are going to be there. Did the 787 test on Lake Washington today or not?

Lon Erickson said...

There hasn't been much news anywhere about the Gold Cup? What's going on? Let's hear from someone in Detroit.
Yes, both the E-Lam & Boeing U-787 tested today in Seattle, lots of info about it on the forum @ - pictures to follow there and on Jim Clark Photography-
Seems like there's more info. coming out of Seattle than Detroit, ?????