Friday Tidbits


There were 8 boats in the pits most of the morning. The U-3 arrived late afternoon and will be ready to race when the course opens Saturday morning. Of the eight, only 4 tested and qualified.
The U-100's first venture onto the Bill Cantrell Memorial Course was in the Dixie Choppers Dash for Cash.
The U-7 Formulaboats made repairs to the backend of the hull and made no attempt to test on Friday. The hull sustained damage to the strut and various parts on the final heat in Evansville. Mike Allen told me they would not have made it another lap. It spent most of the day under a tarp over the tail section.
The U-50 also tweaking the hull and also made no attempt to test of qualify. As always, the team is here to learn and have fun. Brian Perkins seems to be driving this weekend. No sign of David Williams -- at least on Friday.
The U-25 still has no tail section and not sure of the team's status. They too made no attempts at running Friday.
The U-100 made the three lap Dash for Cash with no testing at all. Greg Hopp finished a close third before going dead. Not a bad Dash for Cash exhibition. Close "racing" until the end when both Steve David and Jeff Bernard let it loose coming off turn two to the finish line. It was too close. Check out the video at in the galleries section.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to report on the 13 so I would guess the boat is coming to Madison? maybe not until Sunday Morning? what is going on with the 25 Second Week of racing looks like another Paid test! got wings Muscatel? 4 the Navy boat OK have fun but will there come a time where the #50 guys decide let the boat loose and see what it has? I remember back in 1996 Dave Villwock was second fastest qualifier 161+ mph at Madison with the current 4.3 gpm, so if the Navy boat can only muster a 134 like last weekend(i do not get it) if U want to go slow then Y go? come on lets start making some goals and try to meet them! maybe crack 140 summit that is slow for the 2.5 mile Madison track Jim Kropfeld went 141 in the Beer Wagon back in 1987.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear U6 is testing setups on Miss Madison- GOOOOOO! Hang in there Dr. Ken! U50 Let it fly, good luck tomorrow! "D" AREA 51 Racing!