Friday July 4th Madison


Good morning race fans. Happy 4th of July. I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Mother nature is resurfacing the river right now with fresh rain. Looks like it should be out of here sometime this morning early. We will have updates all weekend long just as we did in Evansville, so stay tuned and as the old Batman series announcer used to say, don't touch that dial.


"D' said...

Hi Madison In, Good Luck MISS Madison! Turn To U50! Is there any info on streaming video or worx for this weekend? Thanks "D' AREA 51 RACING!

Anonymous said...

WORX was up and running a little bit ago. they currently have the river open to Barge traffic and should be preparing for more Qualifying in the next half-hour.

It's currently 12:45 PM MAdison Time. Been a very wet morning so far in the Madison Area!

Anonymous said...

WORX is currently up. DOing Local news!

Coconutz said...

Top speeds as of 1;25 Friday

U-6 154.988
U-5 153.335
U-37 152.988
U-10 147.984

Coconutz said...

U-5 now 154.655 at 1:38