Columbia Cup Final Results


  1. U6 Oh Boy! Oberto
    Steve David
  2. U50 Miss Albert Lee
    Brian Perkins
  3. U5
    Jeff Bernard
  4. U7
    Jimmy Shane
  5. U1 Ellstrom Elam Plus
    Dave Villwock
  6. U10 Hoss Mortgage Investors
    David Bryant

    U37 Beacon Plumbing
    Jean Theoret

    U3 Withdrew from Final allowing the U7 take the final slot

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Unlimiteds NW said...

No U-3 what a bummer. From the look of his heat races, Ed had that boat dialed in. Lucky break for Jimmy Shane

Anonymous said...

U-7 pulled out

Anonymous said...

Maybe not

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing the u37 is out do to an illegal skid fin. Where are you getting your info on the U7. This must be sudden because 3 minutes before you posted I heard from the crew that everything was ok

Anonymous said...

Have they figured out the final participants? couldn't tell from the webcast

Anonymous said...

Here's the list from ABRA site:
U-1 Ellstrom Elam Plus-Dave Villwock
U-7 Shane
U-5 Bernard
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto-Steve David
U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors-David Bryant
U-37 Beacon Plumbing-Jean Theoret
U-50 Miss Albert-Lee Brian Perkins

Don't know if it's the most up to date though

Scott Przybylski said...

That is what they're saying on the broadcast now.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see how this shakes out!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!

"D" said...

Congrats Steven David-Miss Madison U6 and U50! See you at Sea Fair
Points Champ is within reach! "D" Area 51 Racing

L. Skywalker said...

Good thing ol Darth had his fin- without that extra 8mph he might not have made the final! Congrats to Mr. David

Anonymous said...


Way to go Miss M/ O'Berto!!

HOpe there is LIve web coverage next weekend at SEATTLE!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Villwock received a 1 lap penalty in the final?

Anonymous said...

Way to go U-50 and Brian Perkins for pulling out a second place!

Also congrats to the U-6 guys for the victory!

Lon E said...

Great Action filled Final!! Congrats to the U-6 Team.
Still wondering about the 1 lap penalty on the U-1. No one has said/posted anything about what it was for?? Nothing on any of the websites, blogs, forums, anything???
The KNDU video clearly shows only the U-10 jumped the start, so what was the penalty on the Elam for??

luke s. said...

Why doesnt Jean blame the devil when a prop goes?

Lon E said...

Finally some info. on the call on the E-Lam. According to all that's been observed so far, it sounds like a lousy call. The U-10 & the U-1 both had lanes established on the race course and the U-5 came from the infield and tried to push in between the U-10 & U-1 to get a lane. They called the U-1 for not allowing the U-5 to create a lane, coming from the infield??!!! Pretty bogus call, it would be interesting to see it from the helicopter. What happened to the rule about being behind the turn 1 exit pin at the 1 minute mark. This would eliminate this whole type of issue and also keep the on-a-plane situation from happening. It looks like the ABRA is continuing to flip-flop on where and when certain rules are in effect. It would make it a whole lot easier for the fans and teams to know what the rules are and stay with them, instead of changing the playing field every race.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen a video from the choppers from the Final for the Unlimiteds, or the B-Main for the unlimited lights? Ironic how the videos have vanished from both. The B-main for the UL's had 4 boats JUMPING THE GUN!! Funny how those 4 boats looked to be dead-on, and the boats behind them were the ones that went to the races in South Dakota, and Montana... The 4 jumpers didn't make it to those races, and really needed to make the final at columbia cup to earn enough points to get into Seafair... If anyone finds those videos, let me know!

Anonymous said...

luke s. said

“why doesn’t Jean blame the devil when a prop goes?"

Luke you pompus jerk, why don't you get yourself a job driving one of the big boats and show Mr. Theoret just how its done, now that would be a act of God!

Anonymous said...

The U5 came from the infield on the back stretch. There was no one minute pin and you had to establish your lane at the exit pin of turn 2. Then you must maintain that lane until the start/finish line and the the overlap rule takes over from there. Villwock had establish his lane an then moved over (to tighten up as he called in his interview)into the U5's lane. That isnt a bad call on ABRA's part, that was the course rules for this weekend! As far as onplane, no one can really say what the definition of onplane is? Forward progress without plowing water!!?? Different hulls look different than others when there onplane. All Villwock did in his interview is blame everyone else for his mistakes. It was Bernard's and Bryant's fault Dave didnt win....from lane 5! The drivers do know the rules on race day!

Lon E said...

The course rules for the weekend?? I think that is part of the major problem that a lot of people have with the ABRA and the calls being made this season. Just what is the justification for flip-floping the rules randomly at different race sites. Who is making that decision and why??? Can someone involved in this decision please explain to everyone a good reason why we need different rules at different courses. I've followed the hydros for years and can never remember rules being changed at one course then changed back at another, then changed again. It's even more confusing to the casual fan who we are trying to get involved with following the hydros and generating interest in the sport. More fans that enjoy, understand, & support the sport = more sponsors, more income, more teams, and subsequent growth of the sport. The only thing that has been consistent with the rules this year is that they have been inconsistent. The rules shouldn't be a secret, they should be there for everyone (drivers, teams, fans) to know what to expect and understand. Of course, some rules enforcement are going to be judgement calls made by the official making the call, but let's get a set of rules established and stick with it.

and just what did happen to the helicopter videos of the heats, especially the Unlimited final???