Dash for Cash Results


Dixie Chopper Dash for Cash

  1. U-5 FormulaBoats.com - Jeff Bernard
  2. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
  3. U-100 Mirageboats.com - Greg Hopp

The Dash for Cash is an exhibition race and the drivers like to put on a show. That's exactly what race fans got. Steve David and Jeff Bernard hit the flag start side-by-side, battling it out through the first turn. The U-6 and U-5 swapped the lead several times through the first lap with David in the U-6 grabbing a half boat lead at the start/finish line to start lap two.

Bernard grabbed the lead again on the outside lane on the back straightaway, but David took it right back in the inside lane. At the end of the second lap, Greg Hopp - with the U-100 on the water for the first time this weekend - pulled even to put all three boats side-by-side going into lap three of the exhibition race.

At the finish line, the U-5 barely edging out the U-6.

The U-100 went dead in the water on the last lap. Hopp said it was a compressor and not anything of major concern for the rest of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

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