U13 Update


The U13 Graham Trucking team has just arrived at their Detroit workshop and they are at this moment getting the boat off of the trailer. "Its all chewed up under there." stated Crew chief Curt Tavenner. "At this moment we are going to do all we can to be in Madison for the race. We just have to see whats up under there and see whats been hurt."

More updates as they come.

Joe McCord
U13 Graham Trucking


Anonymous said...

Good luck U-13 guys! We'll be rooting for you to be able to compete in Madison!

Anonymous said...

I guess we can assume the back-up boat (former U-2) is not race ready? I was under the impression all it needed was the matching lemon-lime paint job and it was good to go.

I hope the repairs go smoothly and you're back on the water on Friday.

Anonymous said...

13 Guys Im sure have alot of work ahead I sure hope Curt.Co get the boat to Madison, 1 big plus is all racing is on Sunday. Long straights at Madison boat likes that! JMK is Top 3 driver in the ABRA!

Anonymous said...

What I saw was a transom that was opened up horizontally, a strut that was stretched to an oval, a shaft-log that had come loose, and a bottom that was twisted.

Gonna be some long nights for the 13 boys...

T'was, in all respects, a pretty hard weekend on the driver and team.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Mike Hanson driving for the U-9 Jones team had a bad weekend at Madison and tore up a sponson then had to go 24-7 to get the boat repaired and to Detroit the following weekend and came away with his name on the Gold Cup.
I'm sure the crew will putting in some long nights to make it happen.