U-6 moves to 4th place in Heat 1A. ABRA video review shows U-6 hit a buoy.


Scott Dunn said...

it's too bad for Oberto. but it's only been one heat, anything can happen tomorrow.

btw, will there be video of both heat 1A and 1B?? just curious, don't mean to be a bother. Thanks guys for all the updates on the race!!

-Scott Dunn

Lon Erickson said...

What is the situation with BARGES???!! How can you run a race without the co-opertion with the people controlling the river!!! It's no wonder the race teams want to go where is money $$$ to be won... What an un-professional way to run an event???? You wouldn't see that in Detroit, Tri-Cities, Seattle, or San Diego. We are all promoting new sites in the states but some this just is just stupid!!! How can you promote race sites with barges running down the middle of the race course??

Anonymous said...

lon e
It could have been a single barge operator that has been waiting up river for the course to close so he can get his load through and got a little "I'll show them". Don't even think about blaming a race site for this! Maybe you can call the Coast Guard and complain. They are the ones in control of the river, not the site and not the ABRA.

Lon Erickson said...

This is ridicoulous! This race has been going on for how many years???? and yet a single barge operator can go through the entire race course and dis-lodge the bouys for the entire event. To say that the Coast Gaurge wasn'nt even consulted is beyond comprehension. How can an event of this managnutide even go without the proper authorities being consulted.That is what a professional race site is suppossed to do do. It is no wonder that teams are looking for for places to go that treat them like wining teams.

Anonymous said...

lon e,

The Ohio River is one of the heaviest used commercial rivers in the country. on any normal day you would see 15 to 20 tows pass thru any town on the river. The river is closed to commercial traffic most of the day during the races. The Coast Guard does open the river at specific times to allow the backlog of commercial traffic to pass thru. The river was open to commercial traffic when this happened. I can't speak for the captain of the tow as to why he felt he had to take out half the course. The courses are setup to allow two way tow traffic for these periods when they are allowed to pass thru the course. Here's the contact info on the tow company that owns and operates the James G. Hines.

American Commercial Lines
1701 E. Market St.
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Phone: 812-288-0100
Fax: 812-288-1766
Toll Free: 800-457-6377


Contact page

Several of us have already sent emails expressing our concerns.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dum E
Just to let you know the coast guard closed the river the entire day to barge traffic due to what happened with the renegade barge driver. Just for your info the front stretch buoys are positioned in the barge traffic lane and usually the barges are courteous enough not to take them out. This has nothing to do with the race site or the committee's. So when you get off your high horse and quit spewing unintelligent comments out of your you know what you will see how dumb you sound.