U-50 Spirit of the Navy win is a big one


I was just thinking about how great it is that Greg O'Farrell's new entry for this season, the U-50 Spirit of the Navy, won in its first heat.

What a great way to pay off the investment by a relatively new owner in the sport... and what a great thing for a brand new sponsor, the US Navy! That creates a great story to tell in recruiting new sponsors, but may open up a new fan base as well. Congrats to Greg, Brian Perkins, David Williams, and the U-50 team!
PHOTO - Jim Simpson


cowboy said...

well last year WORX played music while not covering races

Anonymous said...

Your driver is a looser you have a chose of mso many better drivers including his sister

Anonymous said...

Whats a looser? Is it a person who cannot spell?

cowboy said...

I think BP did a stellar job for the day he put the boat 50 in the best place to finish with the euqipment and stayed out of troubleas with everything some times LUCK is all you need to be a winner .ya there might be a better driver out there but he's got the ride and did what the Owner and Crew chief told him to do with the equipment anonymous KNOWS so much that why he Anonymous !

Anonymous said...

What is a 'looser'?

I think BP did a great job. I'm sure the team picked him to drive because he fits the right 'look' and demographic for what the sponsor is wanting.

Having known the Perkins family for many years, I can say that Brian is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you will ever meet--as opposed to several other racers with much bigger (undeserved) egos and better equipment who have the same number of wins in the Unlimiteds that BP does--and he knows how to race as well as take care of his equipment.

As far as Kayleigh, well, I think it would be a bit premature to put her in an unlimited at this point. She needs to get a couple more good years in under her belt before moving up. Besides, I think Joe Frauenheim is fighting pretty hard to keep her right where she is.

You go get 'em, BP.

Anonymous said...

I would echo what Cowboy said about Brian. I find him genuine, humble, driven to win, and I believe in time, with the right equipment you'll see Brian in the Unlimted Hydro winners circle a number of times. He has a fine owner in Gregg who I believe will also prove to be a winning owner in the years to come. Brian's sister Kayleigh is building time and experience in the UL's. She'll move to Unlimiteds when she believes she's ready. That entire family has their act together and I am so very proud to know them, and call them my friends.

Steve David U-6
O Boy Oberto